Innuendo (Edición doble 40 aniversario)


Innuendo (Edición doble 40 aniversario) 2011


Lista de Temas


CD1: Innuendo

01. Innuendo
02. I’m Going Slightly Mad
03. Headlong
04. I Can’t Live With You
05. Don’t Try So Hard
06. Ride The Wild Wind
07. All God’s People
08. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
09. Delilah
10. The Hitman
11. Bijou
12. The Show Must Go On



CD2: Bonus EP

01. I Can’t Live With You (1997 rocks retake)
02. Lost Opportunity (b-side)
03. Ride The Wild Wind (early version w/guide  vocal)
04. I’m Going Slightly Mad (mad mix)
05. Headlong (embryo w/guide vocal)